Personal Protection & Firearms Training


Richard L. Hill is the Founder and Chief Instructor for Oodaloop International. Mr. Hill comes from a highly specialized background of Law Enforcement, and Personal Security Field. He is a master class shooter/IDPA/USPSA , served in Iraq conducting Personal Security & Firearms Training as well as Ballistic Expert. For the past 27 years Richard has been devoted to protecting, serving and teaching teammates and clients in the public and private sectors all over the globe.

Master Class Shooter/IDPA/USPSA

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

15 years Law Enforcement Experience

Narcotics Organized Crime Unit Entry Team Leader

5th Group Special Operations (Point & Scout) for Maritime Drug Smuggling Operations on US Coast

2 Tours in Iraq, conducting Personal Security Detail (PSD) & Firearms in the Middle East, South America, Europe, Mexico & USA.

Over 6 years of experience conducting Personal Protection (PSD)

Ballistic expert for US as well as Foreign Governments

Expertise in Training Program Interrogation & Implementation, Technology Research, Analysis & Development, Intelligence Gathering, Security Survey & Analysis

Vast experience in domestic & foreign Personal Protection Detail Detail Operations

Strong leadership skills and high code of ethics

Government Licensed Professional Hunter – Dangerous Game in East Africa

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